The productive realities and the professionals, that are active in the sectors of sustainability and innovation, they meet and dialogue with the academic researchers and universities. The conference aims to provide an overview of research and innovations underway on the theme of sustainable design: how do architecture and engineering respond today to an essential requirement for the building and construction world, such as sustainability? The conference aims to show and compare the virtuous activity of 4 different professionals and researchers active in 4 fields of research, today very sensitive and discussed in the world of architecture: urban planning, landscape, energy certifications and new housing solutions.

Speakers: Prof. Barbara Angi (University of Brescia), Eng. Marco Caffi (Green Building Council Italy), Arch. Andrea Menegotto (PROAP), Arch. Simone Gobbo (Studio Demogo), Prof.ssa Barbara Badiani (University of Brescia ). The activity was recognized by the National Order of Architects and approved to professionals with the recognition of 4 training credits (duration of the meeting about 4 hours)

2.30 pm c / o Centro Polivalente Former Church of the Madonna di Nigrignano, via V. Veneto 42, Sarnico Mandatory registration. (At the conclusion Aperitif & Lounge c / o Genesi, Lido Nettuno)


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